Tough times?

We can help move your business online — fast & for free

We are offering free help to businesses hit by the crisis and aid and relief initiatives. If you need a website fast or want to quickly start accepting orders, bookings or payments online, get in touch!

For whom?

Covid-19 turned your business environment upside down and you need to adapt?

  • Small businesses in need of quick digital transformation without the funds to make it happen. For example, this could be physical stores or restaurants that need to shift to online sales, orders and delivery.
  • Crisis initiatives and grass roots organisations
  • Cultural institutions like theaters or cinemas


No-nonsense websites, e-shops, online payments, reservation systems and more. 

Preferably we use WordPress + Elementor because it’s how we can develop solutions fastest but if you’re already using a different platform that works too.


Simply tell us what you need using the form below. We do what we can but please understand there are limits to what we can take on. We prefer inspired projects with a reasonable effort-result ratio.
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